Storm’s wake

Another photo sent to me by Tom. It reminds me a lot of the Karoo farm landscape in South Africa.

However, this one was taken by a French photographer.

Photo credit: Christine Muraton



Another poem from Poetry Club. I was feeling a bit lost and defeated, I guess, but maybe we all do sometimes.

Thank heavens for hope.

Photo credit: Stock image

Monrovian Dream


My friend Wesley gets sent all over for his work. His latest project is in Monrovia, Liberia. He sent me some photos of the city from an old building, where a party had been hosted a few days before. It’s soo Africa to do that! Love it. I wrote this poem to go with this particular photo but it sums up my sentiment for Africa. It’s such a wonderful place, crippled by criminals on all levels.

Photo credit: Wesley Roberts

Calligram gun

I wrote this as a response to a news article I read last year around Women’s Day in South Africa. It told the story of a man who shot his estranged wife at her place of work, killing her.

At that time, the theme for the following poetry club meeting was to write a calligram.

The image is a stock photo. Our hands do so many things.


I wrote this Afrikaans poem first, and then went looking for a suitable photo to go with it. I took this photo at my brother and his wife’s home one evening we were sat around the fire.

It roughly translates as:

I want to listen country with you / Hang onto the moment / Until the sun comes up / And the morning light catches me